Workshop on Human Factors in Advanced Collaborative Environments
CSCW 2004 November 6, 2004
Organizers: Erik C. Hofer (University of Michigan) and Michael E. Papka (Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago)


Workshop Overview
Advanced Collaborative Environments are a class of collaborative tools that push the boundary of today's technology, often relying on high-bandwidth network connections and large amounts of computational power to support the exchange of audio, video, and data between multiple sites. These environments extend beyond traditional collaborative environments to enable collaborative access to data and compute intensive applications. There is a rich tradition within Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) of developing and studying collaborative systems, but other communities have also worked on developing such systems, notably the high performance and distributed computing (HPDC) community. While there has been tremendous advancement in the developing an understanding of the social and technical issues that impact the use of these systems, there are still many challenges that remain.

This workshop will bring together members of the HPDC community and members of the CSCW community to build an understanding of the state-of-the art in Advanced Collaborative Environments. A major goal is to identify some of the social challenges that must be addressed to fully realize the potential of these systems and to identify ways that the two communities can work together to evolve a better understanding of the social factors and use this understanding to guide future technical development. This workshop is intended to help participants develop their understanding of the socio-technical issues in these environments and to build their awareness of the tools and methods available to address these issues.

Workshop Location and Schedule
The workshop will be held in the Hilton, the conference hotel for CSCW 2004. We don't have a room assignment at this time, so please check with the registration desk when you arrive. We will begin our workshop promptly at 9 AM and will go until 6 PM. There will be a couple of breaks throughout the day for coffee and for lunch. Connectivity for the workshop is unknown - there will be wireless in parts of the hotel, but we do not know if this will be available in the workshop meeting room.

Workshop proceedings
Postion papers provided by participants can be found here

What to expect
We'll begin the day with brief (15-20 minute) presentations from each participant that will provide an overview of their research and interests in human factors in advanced collaborative environments. After these introductions, we will transition to discussion of research issues, challenges and opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • Evaluation of advanced environments
  • Developing opportunities for field studies
  • Theoretical frameworks for human factors in advanced collaborative environments
  • Moving field and laboratory findings into system development and use
  • Relevance of previous studies of lower-end systems
  • High impact technologies in development and on the horizon

    The outcomes of the workshop will be summarized in a poster that will be presented at the conference. We also anticipate that the results of the workshop will be summarized in the SIG Group Bulletin, AG Focus newsletter or a similar publication.